Best Buy Return Policy

The Best Buy return policy has been the subject of a lot of online debate. The subject was even covered by Snopes to dispel email rumors about the Best Buy return policy. The return policy specifics vary with the way the merchandise was purchased.

If you bought your item on the Best Buy website, you can return it to a local store or you can mail it to the company. If you mail the item in to the company, you can only get a store credit in exchange. If you return it to a local store, you can either exchange the item or get a store credit.

To return an item that you bought in a Best Buy store, you must have the receipt and a photo ID. The item must be returned within the time period specified for your particular product category. For computers, radar detectors, cameras, camcorders, monitors and projectors, the time frame is fourteen days. Everything else in a Best Buy store has a 30-day time frame unless you are a member of Reward Zone Premier Silver. With a membership, the returns time frame is 45 days.

Returns for in-store Best Buy purchases can be exchanged, or a refund can be given. Refunds are given to the buyer in the same form as the purchase method. However, when the item was more than $500 and bought with a bank debit card that is not backed up by a major credit card company, or it was bought for cash, or if a check was used for a purchase more than $250, the refund will be in the form of a mailed check. 



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