Best Camping Food

One of the best activities while camping is eating food, so here are the best camping foods you can cook up. You may cook over an open fire, a portable camp stove, or on the end of a stick, but a good camping meal will include tasty food. When you spend your days camping by hiking, fishing, and riding dirt bikes you will build up a voracious appetite and choosing one of the best camping foods is a great way to fight your stomach growls.

  1. Fish. There is nothing better than cooking up a freshly caught fish. If you can catch fish then you can easily pan fry it over a fire or on a portable cook stove. Catching your own fish and then cooking them up at the camp site will always be one of the best camping foods.
  2. Fried Potatoes. Slice up some potatoes, throw in some onions, green peppers, and bacon into a skillet. Season the ingredients with some pepper and then cook until the potatoes are soft and the bacon is crisp. Fried potatoes are simple to make yet are a very filling meal.
  3. S'Mores. This quintessential camping food is a must have with many families when they camp. The simplicity of toasting a marshmallow over the fire and then 'sliding it onto a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate makes S'Mores one of the best camping foods.
  4. Dutch Oven Chili. Making up a batch of spicy and flavorful chili in a dutch oven is one of the best camping foods. You need to add a lot of meat to the chili, but it can last for your entire camping trip if you make a large enough batch.
  5. Hot Dogs. Hot dogs are one of the best camp foods, but you have to cook them properly. You cannot simply grill a hot dog while camping. To properly cook a hot dog while camping, you have to stick it on to the end of a stick and then burn the hell out of it over the open fire. Cooking hot dogs on a stick over the fire will always be one of the best camp foods.
  6. Cheeseburgers. Cooking up some hamburgers on a grill over the fire can give you not only a very tasty meal but also a meal that is very filling. Take a can of mushrooms and you can top off your cheeseburger with some canned mushrooms.
  7. Corn on the Cob. Grilling corn on the cob over the fire is one of the best camping foods. Grilled sweet corn on the cob is a great compliment to any camp meal you have. Grilling the corn over the fire is simple if you have grill to place over the fire. You can also keep the kids entertained by poking a stick into the corn cob and letting the kids cook up the corn by holding it over the fire.
  8. Beef Stew. Using a large pot, you can make up some great tasting beef stew. If you use a dutch oven pot, you can even bury it in your fire pit and let the heat cook it up. Beef stew is a very satisfying meal and is also very healthy because of all the carrots and other vegetables you add.
  9. Bacon and Eggs. The best breakfast camping food is frying up some bacon and eggs. The best tasting bacon in the world is when you fry some up over the campfire on a cool, crisp morning up in the mountains.
  10. Jerky. Jerky is one of the best camping foods. You can buy some beef jerky or buffalo jerky to take with you camping. It is easy to pack, easy to carry, and will not go bad. Anytime you go out fishing or on a hike you can easily throw a bag of jerky into your bag.
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