Best Canadian Beers

If you're heading up to the Great White North, be sure you know what the best Canadian beers are.  Canada and beer goes hand-in-hand, hence why so many people like to cross the border and head north to party. Wondering what beers to you choose, so you don't look like a complete hoser?  Here are some of the best Canadian beers to be found (and we aren't talking Molsons or Labatts, either).

  1. Sleeman Cream Ale: First created by George Sleeman back in the late 1800's, this is Sleeman's most recognized brand of beer and is still created according to the old Sleeman family recipe.  Known for its rich gold coloration and slightly fruity aroma, this is one of the most popular beers in Ontario.
  2. Big Rock Traditional Ale: One of the best Canadian beers you can find in Alberta is this nutty carmel-colored beer.  Known for its rich flavor and its mild texture, it's the perfect beer for those who enjoy the taste of an ale but want something a little lighter than the average brown.
  3. Unibroue 17: Recently named one of the five best beers in the world, Quebec-brewed Unibroue 17 is one of the best Canadian beers a few loonies can buy.  Be sure to ask about the proper pouring technique too!
  4. Black Horse Ale: If macro lagers are your thing, you may be interested in trying one of these Newfie-only Canadian beers.  While some find them a bit too thin and uneventful, Newfoundland's own Black Horse Ale is considered the best macro lager around.
  5. Moosehead Pale Ale: Also known as Moosehead Red, this New Brunswick ale is one of the best Canadian beers for those who enjoy something a bit more European in flavor.  One of the most determined Canadian families in the country, the Olands have overcome numerous hardships to bring you this wonderful beer.  Don't miss the chance to sample it if you can.
  6. Kokanee: If you like a good pilsner, Kokanee is a great option.  One of the best Canadian beers on the west coast, it's actually quite hard to find over in the east.  If you have the good luck of finding it, enjoy a nice cold one.  It's known for its crispness and flavor.
  7. Upper Canada Dark: For those who love a good dark beer, be sure to check out Upper Canada's Dark Ale.  A rich dark ale, it has a deep aroma that hints at coffee and chocolate.  It's a full-bodied beer with a nice dry finish and definitely one of the best Canadian beers available.
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