The Best Caps For Water Polo

The best caps for water polo will keep you safe from injury while at the same time helping to identify players on any team. Contrary to popular belief, the water polo cap is not worn to keep the hair out of the way of players' eyes or from interfering with players who want to play. Without these water polo caps, you may just find yourself getting caught up in an ear injury.

  1. Speedo Water Polo Deluxe Caps. The best cap for water polo is this deluxe model because it is a specially outfitted cap that puts extra emphasis on protecting your ears. The next time you find yourself in the swimming pool in a heated match of water polo, enjoy the confidence of having enough protection around both of your ears so that you are not scared to play your heart out. With the confidence of knowing that your sensitive ears are well-protected from flying water polo balls, you can be more aggressive in your gameplay and lunge for more loose balls in confidence.
  2. Finis Team Water Polo Caps. With color availability in either white or navy blue, this water polo cap is just what you need in order to shield your sensitive ears from any and all flying water polo balls that may have gone astray. If you are on an away game against another team, you can wear a white color of this Finis Team Water Polo Cap, as visiting players on visiting teams usually wear light colors on their caps. Alternately, if you are the home team and are hosting another team, you can efficiently switch to the navy blue color of this water polo cap, since tradition dictates that home teams wear darker water polo caps.
  3. Water Gear Water Polo Quartered Goalie Cap. This list will not exclude those of you who need to wear goalie water polo caps, and this one features a construction that is made out of durable nylon to make sure that it survives any rigorous practice session and even any further rough water polo matches. With this cap for water polo on your noggin, you can be sure to feel safe as a baby even if water polo balls are being sent hurtling to you in goal. The reason you can feel safe is because of the peace of mind that this cap's great ear protection affords you.
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