Best Catrike Cycling Caps

If you are a cyclist, you should learn about the best Catrike cycling caps. A Catrike is like a tricycle, but for adults. Because a Catrike has three wheels, people might not think that they need a cycling cap, but you can still fall off of a Catrike, and you still need to protect your head. A Catrike cycling cap will offer protection for your head if you wear it in addition to a helmet. Here are some of the best Catrike cycling caps:

  1. The Walz Moisture Wicking Cycling Cap. This cycling cap is ideal for warm weather cycling. The Walz Catrike cap is made from cotton and weighs seven ounces. This cycling cap contains three or four moisture wicking panels which draw water away from your head to keep you comfortable during your ride. This cap fits snugly, but some cyclists find that a snug cycling cap can cause them to get a headache. If this is true for you, you can purchase the new large or extra large size for a more ideal fit. The four panel moisture wicking cap comes in red, grey, white, green and black. The three panel Catrike cap comes in the same colors.
  2. The Walz Wool Ear Flap Cycling Cap. The Walz Wool Catrike cycling cap is the best cool weather cycling cap. This Catrike cap covers your ears and your head to provide a barrier from the cold while preventing heat loss through your head. This wool Catrike cycling cap features an elastic strap, which is designed to stay in place during your ride. This cap is made from 100 percent wool and it comes in black-wool, brown-wool and grey-wool.
  3. The Campagnolo Classica Cycling Cap. This best Catrike cycling cap is versatile for all types of Catrike cyclists and all types of conditions. Campagnolo is one of the best quality brands as far as cycling apparel and caps go. The Classica Catrike cycling cap features a flexible front visor, which is designed to keep sweat and wind out of your eyes. You can wear this cap in almost any weather, and the elastic strap will give you a personalized fit. The Campagnolo Classica cap comes in red, blue, yellow, white and black.
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