Best Celebrity Sex Tapes

The best celebrity sex tapes are left to the eye of the beholder. The word "best" is much like the word "celebrity." It could mean so many different things. This range of celebrity sex tapes covers pretty much the entire scope of humankind's perversions.

  1. Pamela Anderson There are two women who basically pioneered the term "best celebrity sex tape." Both have blond hair (at least on their on their heads) and both are somewhat vapid. One of these pioneers was surgically created by to pleasure twelve-year-old minds and males who have no idea what actual human females look like. Dirty old foreign men, too. Naturally, we are talking about Pamela Anderson, the queen of silicon sleeze. The Pamela Anderson sex tapes both include '80s rock stars. One has a huge penis and the other one looks like a chubby beautiful woman.  
  2. Paris Hilton Paris Hilton is the other pioneer in celebrity sex tapes. She taught the nobodies and the forgotten ones that if you show a little flesh (or pornographic footage), not only will you get noticed, you might even land a reality TV show. Much of the footage in this celebrity sex tape is shot using night vision gear. It gives this artsy flick a sort of eerie "Ghost Hunters" feel.
  3. Severina Vuckovic This is for our friends overseas. Not all celebrity sex tapes are in English and the footage from Severina Vuckovic is well known for her energy, enthusiasm and stamina. They are seriously going at it. Severina is a pop star and lives in a world much different than Paris or Pamela. This tape actually hurt her career.
  4. Chyna Human oddities must be included in a list of best celebrity sex tapes because we are not all the same. Chyna pretty much proves that. Not by bench lifting her androgynous lover over her head and pile driving him, but by showing us her goods. Her goods look much like her male lover's goods and this can have a scarring effect for those not expecting to see a mini twinkie down there.
  5. Verne Troyer Erotic attraction is often a bizarre and beautiful thing. Sometimes it is also a David Lynch surreal thing. Verne is a tiny actor you may remember Mini-Me and yes, sadly he, too, has a celebrity sex tape. This could be right up your alley if you have ever envisioned a pale, squirming pupae with a pointy tongue in any of your fantasies.
  6. Screech Dustin Diamond (aka Screech) was inspired by the success of “1 Night in Paris” and thought he would give it a try. It is doubtful that this one falls under any list of best celebrity sex tapes online but hell, you never know. We are a widely varied species with huge imaginations. There are so many humans on the planet that not only are a bunch are watching it right now, some are enjoying it immensely. If you like smearing poop like a caged chimp, then check it out.
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