Best Cheap Kelme Soccer Shoes

If you want soccer shoes but don't want to spend 150 dollars; learn about the best cheap Kelme soccer shoes. Kelme is one of the most popular manufactures of soccer shoes in the United States and Spain. Whether you are playing indoor or outdoor, here are some of  the best cheap Kelme soccer shoes:

  1. Kelme New Champion II Soccer Shoe. These cheap Kelme soccer shoes are best for outdoors. The screw in cleats are ideal for grassy fields and wet, muddy conditions. These Kelme soccer shoes are lightweight and promote ball control and foot protection.
  2. Kelme Diable Aire TRX Soccer Shoe. These soccer cleats are designed to be used on a firm, outdoor, soccer field. Note: These Kelme soccer shoes are made with kangaroo leather. The cleats are built-in and bladed. The Diablo is lightweight at only 9.6 ounces and features breathable and waterproof materials to keep your feet dry. These soccer shoes are available in white, gold or orange.
  3. Kelme Master Serena Soccer Shoe. This best cheap Kelme shoe is made for indoor soccer. The special "gum rubber" allows you to maximize ball control. The Master Serena is one of the cheapest Kelme shoes you can buy.
  4. Kelme Malaga HFT Soccer Shoe. These versatile Kelme soccer shoes can be used indoors and outdoors. These soccer shoes are designed to be used on firm ground (ideally turf). The Malaga is comfortable and provides superior traction on turf fields. Note: These soccer shoes do not have cleats.
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