Best Cheap Ping Pong Balls

If you’re hosting a party in the near future, then you’ll want to know the best cheap ping pong balls. Whether your guests will be playing ping pong, or beer pong you need to stock up on some cheap, but useable ping pong balls. If you have friends who constantly break and loose your ping pong balls you know how expensive they can be to replace. So buy some of these cheap ping pong balls today, and get the party started without breaking your budget.  

  1. Sportcraft One-Star. The Sportcraft One-Star is a good deal if you need a lot of ping pong balls in bulk. Sold in a 120-count box, the Sportscraft One-Stars retail cost is about nineteen cents per ball. The Sportscraft One-Stars are great for anyone who plays a lot of ping pong, or beer pong and doesn’t want to panic over lost balls.
  2. Joola 12-pack training. If you’re a casual player, or just getting into the game, these cheaper balls would be perfect for you. A 12-pack of Joola training balls can be purchased at sporting goods stores for about seven bucks. If you’re using the ball for practice or college drinking games, you won’t need anything fancier then the Joola training balls.
  3. Stiga Three-star. At slightly under a dollar a ball, the Stiga Three-Star ping pong ball is a great deal. The balls come in a six-pack and meet International Table Tennis Foundation (ITTF) standards for size and weight. The Stiga three-stars and have decent bounce and spin for a cheaper product and are perfect for more serious play. You can purchase them at the big box stores, or online.
  4. Halex One-star. The Halex One-Star is a decent ball at a good price. Retailing for about two dollars a six-pack at your local hardware store, the Halex One-Star is a cheap ball, best for basic games. The Halex One-Star’s bounce well, hold up to rough play and are available in both orange and white.
  5. Halex Fusion 3-Star. Slightly more durable then the Halex One-star, the Halex Fusion is an ideal choice if you want a strong ball at a cheap price. Retailing for about five dollars a six-pack, the 3-stars have great bounce and spin, and won’t break or split after multiple rough games of pong.
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