Best Cheap Saddles For Men

Getting out for a long weekend ride, enjoying quality time with friends, and family can be done easily when the best cheap saddles for men are being used. It's not unusual to want to enhance a bicycle with a better seat to give more comfort or a higher level of performance. Here are a few suggestions to get the riders started on the right track and keep to a budget.

  1. When considering a comfortable ride it's important to think about the saddle being used. One of the best cheap saddles for men that is great in the area of performance is the Terry Liberator Race Saddle. This seat offers a higher rear platform and a dropped nose. It has a leather surface that is smooth and chafe resistant. Its price is reasonable, securing it's spot on this list for a performance saddle.
  2. Another best cheap saddle for men is the Terry Liberator Y Saddle. This seat is perfect for touring or longer rides. This saddle is wider and contoured offering a greater degree of comfort for the lengthy treks. It also has a substantial cutaway that allows for increased ventilation and relief during rides. This saddle is also one of the least expensive a rider can choose.
  3. The Profile Design Kona is a great example of one of the best cheap saddles for men. This is Ironman's official saddle and for good reason. It is designed specifically for men, making it both competitive and comfortable. The cover is vented to help pull moisture away from the rider, adding to its quality as a seat.  There's extra padding in this saddle that's been designed with triathlons in mind.
  4. The Selle San Marco Caymano is a perfect addition to this list of the best cheap saddles for men. It has a well-made, minimalistic style that is handy both on the road and off the road. The design of the seat allows for a rider to easily change positions during a ride, making this seat both versatile and competitive. This is thanks to the middle surface being increased.
  5. Making an appearance on this list of best cheap saddles for men is the Titec HellBent Nemesis Expert Saddle. This is one of the best cheap saddles for men for a few different reasons. It is one of the most inexpensive, professionally made seats available to riders. Additionally it is lightweight and made from quality material. The seat is formed from leather and reinforced with fiber guard.
  6. Another saddle from Titec makes this list with the Pluto Gel Bicycle seat. This seat has exactly what it says it has, a contact area that is filled with a gel solution to add comfort to the riders for miles on end. The body is carbon filled, which helps it stay sturdy and lightweight, keeping the quality high. It is synthetic cover material makes it easy to keep clean. Again this is a saddle that can be had for very little, getting any rider involved with better equipment for little money.
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