Best Christian Guitar Straps

The best Christian guitar straps will show your love for God. Until recently, musicians could only buy Western or Death Metal guitar straps, but with the Christian revolution that is taking over the music world, you can profess your faith while jamming on your guitar. Straps come in various colors and designs.

  1. Strapking's Dove Christian Guitar Strap. Strapking makes a 100% leather guitar strap that has a metallic blue dove imprinted on the black leather. For the best Christian guitar straps, Strapking is an excellent choice for their quality work.
  2. Strapking's Jesus Fish Christian Guitar Strap. Another one of the best Christian guitar straps on the market, Strapking offers buyers a black leather strap with three bright orange fish screaming out your faith. The strap also has an extension available that adds eight inches to the strap length.
  3. Heartwoode's Christian Motif Guitar Strap. Heartwoode has introduced a strap for contemporary Christian musicians. The best Christian guitar strap made from wood, you will admire the craftsmanship of the fish, cross and dove artwork. Heartwoode is the leading manufacturer for wooden guitar straps.
  4. LM AB-24 Guitar Strap. This is one of the best Christian guitar straps that has the artwork airbrushed on. The strap is leather and the precision in the artwork and design is impeccable. LM is one of the leading guitar strap manufacturers.
  5. LM PS4L CLS Guitar Strap. Another one of the best Christian guitar straps from LM. The straps come in various colors and are designed with elegant crosses and LM is a brand you can trust for durability.
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