Best Classic Rock Songs To Dance To

The best classic rock songs to dance to are upbeat tunes that everybody knows. If you’re in search of some all-inclusive music that will get everyone dancing, look no further than these iconic rock songs. They’ve got the perfect mixture of danceable rhythm and classic familiarity.

  1. “Takin’ Care of Business” – Bachman-Turner Overdrive. With its lyrical content about the nine-to-five grind, most people can relate to this classic rock song. This familiar quality should lend a hand in getting the dancing started. Even though the song’s chord progression is relatively simple, its raw enthusiasm makes it perfect to dance to.
  2. “Old Time Rock and Roll” – Bob Seger. Of all the best classic rock songs to dance to, this tune is perhaps the most endearing. It's an unapologetic declaration of Seger's love for classic music, complete with a timeless, blues-based structure. Seger's enthusiasm translates to the dance floor, and he'll have you convinced in no time.
  3. “Walk This Way” – Aerosmith. With an upbeat rhythm and an instantly recognizable guitar riff, this classic rock song is great for dancing. The words may be somewhat unintelligible, but it doesn't matter. The crisp beat and scribbling guitar keep the song moving. 
  4. “Bad Moon Rising” – Creedence Clearwater Revival. Once the band released this classic rock song on the world, they provided dance material for millions. Even though the lyrics are about an impending apocalypse, you won’t even notice because you’ll be too busy dancing.
  5. “Cocaine” – Eric Clapton. A dictionary-definition shuffle beat keeps this mid-tempo tune plodding along in danceable territory. Clapton’s menacing vocal and blistering guitar work keep the song interesting throughout, making it a good candidate for the dance floor.
  6. “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey. Though this song starts out slowly, it quickly gains steam, just begging to be danced to. Somehow managing to stay relevant after all these years, the song retains a timeless quality. The urgent vocals, surging guitar and hopeful lyrics make this a classic rock masterpiece.
  7. “You Shook Me All Night Long” – AC/DC. You might not expect rockers AC/DC to produce a dance song but this tune is the exception. You can sing as well as dance to this song.
  8. “Paint It, Black” – The Rolling Stones. During their long career, the Stones have released a ton of great classic rock songs to dance to. This tune is one of their best. With its driving beat and pulsating guitar riffs, it’s sure to keep your feet moving.
  9. “Ticket to Ride” – The Beatles. Never has a classic rock song about transportation been quite so engaging. The Fab Four took this odd metaphor and ran with it, and the result was a great dance tune. The song features some happy-sounding guitar riffs over a crisp tempo, making it a danceable classic in the Beatles’ catalog.
  10. “Roadhouse Blues” – The Doors. Most classic rock fans will recognize this song from the opening riff: a down-and-dirty guitar repeating a blues-influenced line of notes. The churning dance rhythm follows immediately after, creating a danceable highlight in The Doors catalog.
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