Best Classic Rock Songs For Ringtones

Ringtones provide the ultimate way to personalize ones cell phone, and while the options are seemingly endless, consider the best classic rock songs for a ringtone. Instead of wasting valuable ringtone space on the latest garbage that passes for music these days, why not go with classic rock? 

  1. Deep Purple- "Smoke on the Water"– Some people may not know the artist or song title, but they will instantly recognize the opening rift of this classic rock piece. This ringtone will certainly set your phone apart from all the boring GaGa's and Biebers…
  2. Jimi Hendrix- "Star Spangled Banner"– Perfect for those feeling patriotic that want more of a classic rock feel for their National Anthem. Hendriz felt this was the perfect way to start off Woodstock, so it should be good enough a ringtone to start out your phone conversations.
  3. KISS- "Rock and Roll All Night"– The official Life Anthem for all enlisted members of the KISS Army, and the unofficial Anthem of everyone else. Simple, to the point, and classic rock we can agree on. Who doesn’t want to rock and roll all night, and party everyday?
  4. ZZ Top- "La Grange"– Like Smoke on the Water, La Grange introduced a killer rift that has been imitated over the years, but never duplicated. This is pure rock guitar at its finest, makes for perfect "traveling" music, an an instantly recognized ringtone.
  5. Beatles- "Help"– If any song on this list was made to be a ringtone, this is it. Think about it for one second… Typically, why is someone calling you unless they need or want help?
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