Best Classic Shooting Games

Look through any gamer's library and you are bound to find at least one of the best classic shooting games. Shooters, whether they are first or third person, are one of the most popular genres in the gaming community. Games like Battlefront and Badlands would be nothing without their classic shooter forerunners.

  1. Centipede. No list of the best classic shooting games would be complete, or could even start off, without Centipede. Its 1980 debut gave arcade gamers the first taste of fixed shooter games and the first bad taste of the dreaded trackball controller.
  2. Duck Hunt. Who could forget this Nintendo classic? The flying ducks, the red and gray gun and the annoying laughing dog that was there to remind you that sarcastic laughter is everyone's friend.
  3. Galaga. Yet another classic shooter game that debuted in the early '80s. Enemy ships, strategy and reclaiming lost lives throughout the game. Who could ask for anything more? No one could resist naming this game as a great classic shooter.
  4. Doom. This is the classic shooter that gave gamers what they didn't even know they wanted. It launched a series of games and paved the way for more modern shooters like Battlefront.
  5. Wolfenstein 3D. This game is a must-play, and possibly must-have, for any shooter fan. It is, after all, the game that gave the world a great example of what first person shooters could actually do.
  6. Space Invaders. Another arcade shooter classic and great glimpse into what the future of shooters and strategy shooters could become.
  7. Star Wars: The Arcade Game. This game is one of the best classic shooters of all time. TIE fighters, X-wings and cannons, oh my!
  8. Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem is a standard name in shooters. You cannot call yourself a shooter fan and not have this among your collection. For a game that appeared over ten years ago, it truly gave the best in first person shooter gameplay and visual effects.
  9. Unreal. This game hits almost every list out there. Why? To put it simply, it was the first shooter game that gave an open ground movement instead of small locked spaces to work with.
  10. Half-Life. This game hits and misses when it comes to being a classic shooter. The reason that most people put this one on the list is simple: it used story telling and scripts. The scripts, combined with the rest of the visual and gaming aspects, drew the line in the sand for what games had to accomplish to truly be called shooters.

The truth is that the list of best classic shooting games will vary depending on who you are talking to. There are first person loyalists and third person loyalists who will undoubtedly disagree on each and every game listed here. The bottom line is that without the games on this list, those loyalists would have nothing to be loyal to.

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