Best Climbing Pitons

When you set out for climbing, you'll need the best climbing pitons you can find. Pitons are metal or steel spikes used to aid in climbing icy mountainside or hard core rocks. Use them correctly for safer scaling. But you can't use just any piton. Your piton has to be sturdy, made out of solid material and able to do the job. When it comes to thin ice, thick ice and rock, small cracks or even large fissures, you need the best.  Here's a list of pitons from the Black Diamond brand that may interest you.

  1. Spectre Ice Piton: Black Diamond makes several models of climbing pitons. The first one is the Spectre Ice Piton. This piton is excellent for thin ice, mud, frozen moss and icy fissures. Use it for safe climbing in the winter. Find it around $40 online.
  2. Bugaboos and Knifeblades Pitons: This is one of Black Diamond’s multi-purpose climbing pitons. Use the knife blades for thin cracks and the bugaboos for thicker ones. Prices very reasonable at $13.
  3. Angle Pitons: These pitons are perfect heavy duty climbing tools. They’re durable and good for holding strong in large cracks. Priced between $10-14 online.
  4. Pecker Aid Tool Pitons: These climbing pitons are tapered for better use. They’re good for quick moving and handy enough to do the job. Each one is easily cleaned and set by hand. Serrated blades make even soft rock easy to climb. You’ll find the Pecker Aid Tool Pitons in a set of three sizes. Buy it at around $18 online.












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