Best Climbing Sling Chairs

Climbing sling chairs are used in climbing as a safety measure. Learn about the best climbing sling chairs before your next climb. These climbing sling chairs can be used to hold your gear and help you climb more efficiently. Check out the following climbing sling chairs in a variety of weights and sizes.

  1. Mammut Dyneema Contact Sling. This four-millimeter-wide climbing sling might not look like much. Though it is lightweight and easy to attach to carabineers, it is extremely durable. The Dyneema sling is the best climbing sling for you if you need to eliminate weight from your gear (especially for longer climbs or competitive climbing). The Dyneema sling has been noted to wear out quickly if you fall a lot. The Dyneema comes in two options: blue (48 inches) or yellow (24 inches).
  2. Metolius Contour Multi-loop Sling. This climbing sling can withstand 2,000 pounds of weight. The Metolius Contour is both durable and comfortable and features different loops for your climbing gear and gloves. This climbing sling is best for outdoor climbing because it would be too cumbersome for indoor climbing.
  3. Metolius Double D-Contour ML Sling. The Double-D Contour by Metolius features a reversible shoulder strap to discourage muscle fatigue. With belay change-over loops, this is the best climbing sling for you if you want to do long, multi-pitch routes. The only drawback is that at 5.5 ounces, it is a bit heavier than most slings.
  4. Metolius 18mm Nylon Sling. This thick climbing sling is perfect for beginning climbers. The thickness gives you a sense of security if you happen to fall. This climbing sling also allows you to "hang out" and take a break comfortably. The eighteen millimeter sling come in three different lengths (25, 60 and 120 centimeters).



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