Best College Water Polo Teams In America

The best college water polo teams in America are on the West Coast of the country, as there seems to be more of an emphasis on people always getting into the water out there. This is an interesting detail, which can probably be easily attributed to the lack of true winters along the West Coast, but possibly also the popularity of building pools as Manifested Destiny settled in through California, Oregon and Washington. There are a few other water polo teams from other places in the country as well, but the majority of the best college water polo squads are primarily from these three states in America.

  1. Southern California. A place where it's often in the sunny mid-70's throughout January makes this the perfect training ground for water polo teams. They can even swim in the OCean.
  2. California. While San Francisco is a little colder, there's always a need for competition against their Southern California rivals. Plus, they have the money for the training facilities.
  3. Stanford. See both of the previous school's descriptions and combine them into one. Add the fact that water polo is also popular among the upper crust and you'll know why Stanford has one of the best water polo teams in America.
  4. Pepperdine. Located in Malibu, off the Pacific Coast highway. The West Coast theory again, being proven again.
  5. St. Francis (New York): The highest ranked NCAA team in the country from the East Coast has one of the best college water polo teams in America, primarily because they are a private school and make their players work on it constantly.
  6. Navy. Shouldn't they be leading this list? That's a bit frightening, isn't it? However, the Navy still has a certain prowess as one of the best college water polo teams in America, even if they don't really have any money for their athletics programs and have a tough time recruiting, as it means the students might have to go off to war.
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