Best Colognes To Attract Women

In order to choose the best colognes to attract women, you need to have an understanding of colognes. It's not the scent of a cologne alone that creates an alluring smell. It's the composition of a cologne combined with your personal body chemistry that creates a fragrance that can attract women. Your pheromones mixing with the smell of certain colognes attract the women. Here's the thing,everybody's body chemistry is slightly different. So, what smells good on you may not be the best cologne to attract women for the next man.

The first thing you need to know is there are seven different types of colognes. We have Citrus, Fougere, Floral, Oriental, Marine, Green and Chypre. These colognes are made in four different types concentrations which are EDC, EDT, EDP, and Parfum. Needless to say, there's a lot of options available if you're trying to find the best colognes to attract women. Don't fret, we're going to eliminate a lot of these "options" because they really won't help you at all.

  1. Say Goodbye. Stay away from Green (herbal), Floral ( flower), and Oriental (spicy). You don't want to use these colognes to attract women. Frankly, most of them are just too overwhelming, and do you really want to smell like flowers?
  2. Au Revoir. Stay away from EDP (Eau de Parfum) and Parfum concentrations. The concentration of the perfume oil and alcohol is too high. An inexperienced person will generally apply too much cologne with either concentration. You want to use your cologne to attract women, not suffocate them.

Ok then. What do we have left? EDC (Eau de cologne) and EDT (Eau de toilette) are the least concentrated forms of cologne at two to five percent perfume oil dissolved in water and alcohol and four to ten percent respectively. Use these types of cologne concentrations to attract women. All you need is a hint of the fragrance don't drown yourself in it. A dab on the neck, wrists and ears, that's it. Now lets go over the types of cologne left.

  1. Citrus. This type is usually described as fragrances with lemon, lime, and other citrus fruits and is usually associated with men’s cologne. These are arguably the best to use. They give off a fresh scent without smelling too fruity. Try "I Am King" by Sean John.
  2. Marine. These are scents that have ocean like smells. These are cool too. "Coolwater" is an older scent that's still really nice.
  3. Fougere.  These are the scents with a similarity to pines and herbs. The best representation of this type of scent is Kenneth Cole "Black". This is a favorite of many guys from many walks of life.
  4. Chypre. These are the earthier smelling scents. Kenneth Cole "R.S.V.P." is great. It doesn't create an overwhelming presence.

Lets take a quick look at skin types.

  1. Dry Skin. People with dry skin can handle fragrances with slightly more kick because their bodily oils aren't mixing with the cologne as much. Fougere and Chypre types will work well. You can try the Marine and Citrus as well, but you may need to apply slightly more. Slightly. Remember, don't drown yourself in the smell. You just need a hint.
  2. Oily skin. If your skin is oily then the Citrus and Marine types will mix well with your body chemistry. Your oils will help to bring out the smells of these types. If you like the Chypre and Fougere types, you'll have to use them very sparingly.
  3. Don't mix scents. Each scent is created to help enhance your natural smells. Don't mix them or you'll probably stink. Not to mention, you don't want to have some weird reaction. Those of us with sensitive skin need to be very careful of this.

Finally, if you're wondering which scents are the best, ask one of your female friends to help you sample different types of colognes. Grab your girl buddy and hit the mall. Good luck.

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