Best Compact Stereos

The best compact stereos are stereos that you can smartly position and display in areas that your huge, full-size stereo cannot. While not being as powerful in sound level as their bigger cousins, the best compact stereos can be placed nearly anywhere: on a bookshelf, on your desk, in the garage, by your bedside and anywhere else where you have just a little bit of spare room. The biggest and most well-known brands make all sorts of compact stereos.

  1. Philips MC235B Flat Wall Mountable Micro Shelf System. This Philips compact stereo makes the number one spot on the best compact stereo list because it has a flat design that makes it wall mountable, almost like an HDTV! When was the last time that your compact stereo could do that? With its ability to play CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, this compact stereo is one that does more than an average stereo.
  2. Sony CMT-LX20i 10W RMS Total Power Output Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System. This compact stereo from Sony deserves to be on this best-of list because it is made for your iPod! It allows you to play all your stored music on your iPod by simply allowing for you to plug it into its integrated dock. So load up your iPod with a thousand songs, plug it into this Sony compact stereo, and then rock out like it's the second coming of Slayer.
  3. Panasonic SC-HC20 Compact Stereo System. The Panasonic SC-HC20 Compact Stereo System is a compact stereo that deserves the number three spot because it comes with advanced bamboo cone speakers. These babies let it create a more dynamic and crystal-clear sound than ever before.



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