Best Country Guitar Pedalboards

The best country guitar pedal boards should be easy to use, easy to transport and above all, easy to get great sounds from. Whether you are a guitarist who uses a multitude of sound effects or one that simply likes to enhance their tone a little bit, pedal boards are useful tools for housing these effects. From traditional country twang to blistering lead lines, all can be accessed from a good pedal board.

  1. Boss BCB-60. For the player who likes to throw in everything but the kitchen sink, the BCB-60 pedal board is made from hard wearing durable plastic and houses up to seven pedals. Whether you are using simple single button stomp boxes or something more heavyweight, like a set of twin pedal effects units, the BCB-60 enables you to have them permanently set up, ready for action. A well made product and one of the best country guitar pedal boards available, the Boss BCB-60 is one of the most popular models around.
  2. Trailer Trash 18" x 16" Pro Series. A high end brand of pedal boards, the Trailer Trash Pro Series offer country musicians custom setups to ensure that they have easy access to all their favorite sounds. A rugged metal construction, the pedal board is sloped for ease of use and the effects pedals can be placed however the player sees fit, enabling them to have a bespoke design that suits their needs perfectly. A high quality design for high caliber players this is one of the best country guitar pedal boards on the market today.
  3. Prostage Gear Pedaltrain.  An industry standard, the Pedaltrain is used in almost every genre of guitar music, not just country guitar music. Versatile enough to fit any design of foot pedal, the Pedaltrain is made of a sturdy metal design and can even be customized in different colors. Probably the most recognized pedalboard around today and easily one of the best country guitar pedalboards, the Pedaltrain will fit your collection of stomp boxes and still have room to spare.
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