Best Custom Guitar Pickups

You've grown tired of the indifferent and weak tone of your guitar's pickups, and you're ready to learn about the best custom guitar pickups. This article will guide you to some excellent choices in electric guitar pickups.

  1. Tonerider. Tonerider specializes in vintage style custom pickups, often using authentic materials. The Soapbar P-90 is amongst their best efforts, offering the punch and power of the legendary Gibson P-90 with decreased noise. Also impressive, and a joy for guitarists with humbucker-routed guitars, is the Rebel 90, a P-90 with quite authentic sound in a humbucker-sized casing.
  2. Lindy Fralin. This company largely produces custom pickups for Fender and Fender-style guitars, although they do produce some humbuckers. Their line of single-coil pickups ranges from vintage reproductions made with obsessive attention to authenticity to stacked humbuckers with high output for modern sounds. Particularly impressive are the True 54s, which closely reproduce the clean highs and biting treble of the original.
  3. DiMarzio. The DiMarzio company has been producing custom and stock replacement pickups for decades. Of particular interest are the Super Distortion, renowned in the 1970s for its raw power, the Tone Zone which offers increased sustain and sensitivity, and the super high-gain Invader, made for modern metal stylings.
  4. Seymour Duncan. Duncan began producing custom pickups in the early 1980s. They are known especially for their signature series, the Quarter Pounders. These pickups have extra-large pole pieces, which increase power and sensitivity.
  5. L. R. Baggs.  For the acoustic enthusiast, L. R. Baggs offers a diverse line of custom pickups. These range from soundhole and piezo pickups for standard jumbo and dreadnought acoustic guitars to contact and piezo pickups for other instruments such as mandolin and violin. They also manufacture preamps for electronic instruments.
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