Best Desktop Computers 2010

The best desktop computers for 2010 can be considered the best for several different reason. Some people consider the most powerful and high-end computers to be the best, while others may consider cost-efficient and long-lasting computers to be the best. This article will discuss different kinds of computers that can be considered the best for different reasons and from different points-of-view.

  1. The best high-end desktop computers for 2010 gaming and intense graphics include those made by Alienware, and the Alienware Aurora ALX definitely fits the mold. Alienware has long been known as one of the highest quality computer production companies, putting together only high-end and high quality computers. Although their prices are extremely high, this is the place to shop if you have money to spend and want a really powerful PC. Their computers will have a range of prices and qualities, but everything you find is either high quality or better. Their products will be able to run even the most graphics-intensive games at the highest quality with seemingly little effort.
  2. An alternative high-end computer that can be considered one of the best desktop computers in 2010 is the Apple iMac. iMac computers all have impressive power and capabilities. These computers are definitely high-end, but you will have to spend a lot of money to get them. They are excellent for video, photo, and music editing/recording. However, these computers are not a gaming friendly and should not be purchased if you plan on using your computer primarily for video games.
  3. Dell Inspiron 580s Intel Core i3-530 Dual-Core is one of the best desktop computers you can buy from 2010. This computer has great parts for a great price. You may need to upgrade the graphics card if you plan on playing video games, but everything else is great.
  4. The best desktop computers in 2010 can be built by you in your own home. You will need to do some research not only to figure out the right parts and whether or not everything you order will have synergy, but you will also need to figure out how to put the computer together. You will, however, save a lot of money because you will be cutting out the middle man by ordering the parts directly from the manufacturers and piecing them together yourself.
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