Best Desktop Computers Under $1000

Computer hardware is getting cheaper every year, so have fun shopping around for the best desktop computers under $1,000. A budget of $1,000 will allow you to get a unit with ample power for both work and play. Based on user and editors' reviews, here are the best desktop computers that will fit your $1,000 budget:

  1. Dell Inspiron 570. "PC Magazine" has stamped this desktop with an Editor's Choice award. The starting price of $719 gives you a desktop with Windows 7 Home Edition, a 20" monitor, a 2.8 GHz AMD Athlon X4 processor, six GB of memory, a 640 GB hard drive, a DVD-writer, integrated 7.1 channel audio, a wireless-N USB adapter for the latest wireless network mode, and one-year basic service plan. An additional $99 gives you the three-year service plan while an additional $120 upgrades your 20" monitor to one with 21.5" and full high-definition capabilities. Purchasing both upgrades will give you a total of $938, which leaves your $1,000 budget room to buy computer speakers. This desktop will give you enough power for games and can even act as a media center for movies and music.
  2. iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme 551D3. Who says you need more than a thousand bucks to get a powerful gaming desktop? The iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme 551D3, available from popular online electronic stores, comes with Windows 7 Home Edition, a 3.87 GHz AMD quad-core processor, four GB of memory, a 500 GB hard drive, a DVD-writer, an integrated sound card and a one-year limited warranty. The package doesn't come with a monitor, but the price tag of $849.99 leaves you with $150 to splurge on a good-sized high-definition monitor. And like a proper gaming desktop, it's packaged in a cool black case that your office manager probably won't select for employee productivity.
  3. HP Pavilion a4316f-b. Most people are happy with a desktop that can handle typical office tools like word processors and internet applications for surfing and chatting. The HP Pavilion does daily computing tasks smoothly and can handle some meatier tasks like computer games as well. The price tag of $779 gives you a powerful desktop with Windows 7, an AMD quad-core processor, six GB of memory, a large 1-TB in hard disk space, a DVD-writer and a 20" LCD monitor. While you can't expect this unit to handle 3D gaming, it handles beyond everyday tasks and definitely has ample storage for your media.
  4. Alienware Aurora Desktop. Alienware computers are synonymous with cool. The brand name also brings to mind expensive computers, with its most pricey desktop at $4,000. The Alienware Aurora Desktop, however, has a starting price of only $999, a cheap price for this elite gaming brand. It is also the most upgradeable MicroATX desktop the company carries. Cheap doesn't mean bad for this unit either, as 70 users gave the Aurora an almost perfect rating. What is inside this beautiful machine? The Alienware Aurora Desktop comes with Windows 7 Home Edition, a dual-core 2.93 GHz Intel processor, three GB of memory, hard drive space of 500 GB, a DVD-writer and a one-year service plan. The casing, as with all Alienware products, says gamer-cool. You will have to wait a bit if your budget is strictly at $1,000 for a desktop though. The price of owning an Alienware is higher than most, so at $999 the Aurora doesn't come with a monitor.

Unless you're an avid gamer, a budget of $1,000 is more than merely decent for a desktop. Internet deals come and go quickly, so do take your time and read reviews before purchasing your desktop. The desktops listed above have been given glowing reviews from users and editors of technical publications. Don't forget to check if the desktop you're eyeing online comes with a monitor, as the price of several good deals just covers the desktop minus a computer screen.


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