Best Destructo Skateboard Trucks

What are the best Destructo skateboard trucks? Destructo is great company offering fantastic trucks for skateboarding. Their trucks are some of the finest on the market and offer great versatility, perfect for competitive, street wise and general use skateboarding. Destructo skateboard trucks offer superior construction boasting hollow kingpins for increased lightweight delivery. Some of the top skateboarders in the sport use Destructo trucks in the United States and internationally because they are performance-minded with some sweet looks.

Check out these top performers in the world of Destructo skateboard trucks:

  1. D2 Arto Saari Signature Mid:Solid black design with blue highlights set off this sick truck. The lightweight composite design offers great handling with minimal give. This strong truck is a lifelong friend of the topflight skateboarder and is sure to make you the envy of the neighborhood.
  2. D1 Magnesium Sabre Green Mid:If you are about the flash with a touch of spice then this truck is for you. Firm rotation will keep you stuck on the hairpin turns and the natural ‘bounce’ will make the kick flip landing all to smooth. Streetwise trucks for the asphalt rider, these are sure to keep your foot steady and the vibration to a tolerable murmur.
  3. D2 Gun Black Mid:There must be something about the solid black skateboard trucks for Destructo. This truck follows the tradition with a black finish with some sweet accents. Another great product designed for the ramp and street tricks. This truck is lightweight but ultra durable. Go ahead and dish out the damage, this truck will outlast you.
  4. D1 Hellcat Low: If you like to ride close to the ground and want a truck that can stand up to some punishment, look no further than this ultra-lightweight truck. Another black beast from Destructo, this truck is built for speed. Durable construction with feather tips make for a fun and long ride.
  5. D2 Magnesium Sabre Black Mid: This truck in on the list for two reasons: it has an awesome design and it rocks. Well made to take the rough and tumble world of ramp and kick flip tricksters with a well-balanced design offers sturdy road tested shock and mad air survivability. This is a great truck that will offer you much more than you’d expect.
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