Best Dirt Bike Tires

The best dirt bike tires grip the ground really well while allowing full acceleration and control over the bike on the terrain type of your choice. Good tires not only provide more fun, but more safety as well. You'll do well with the dirt bike tires below. 

  1. Dunlop Geomax MX71 Dirt Bike Tire. This incredible dirt bike tire from Dunlop grips even the hardest packed dirt. In fact, it is designed for hard dirt. The rear tire is designed with slide proof features and great traction during acceleration. 
  2. Pirelli MT32 Dirt Bike Tire. These are the dirt bike tires for soft to intermediate soil riders. They are durable for many romps in the dirt, and the traction on loose soil is proven. The MT32 has been field tested with a back tire air pressure of 12psi on gravel, mulch, bark and other challenging terrain.
  3. Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Dirt Bike Tire. The Japanese company Bridgestone offers these very durable sport touring tires. You will love these dirt bike tires in all types of weather. They feature a variety of grooves for a smooth ride and better breaking. You may not want to take these dirt bike tires to a hardcore terrain dirt bike track, but it is a versatile on-road off-road ride. 
  4. Michelin Starcross MH3 Dirt Bike Tire. You can not go wrong with Michelin's intermediate/hard terrain dirt bike tires. The tread is designed to minimize the impact of landings and keep your dirt bike from bouncing around the track. The greater control makes these dirt bike tires worth the modest price. 
  5. Michelin Starcross Sand 4 Dirt Bike Tire. Sand riders will enjoy the traction of the knobs on these dirt bike tires. The cornering action is superb, and you can enjoy it with a low tire pressure to improve your traction even more. If you are an ultra-soft terrain dirt bike warrior, then these are some of the best dirt bike tires on the market. 
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