Best Ds Games

Interested in knowing what the best DS games are? These DS games have kept gamers glued to their Nintendo DS portable gaming systems for hours. Although some of these games are have been released years ago, they still keep Nintendo DS gamers entertained.

  1. "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia" Although there has been a number of Castlevania games released for the Nintendo DS, “Order of Ecclesia” may just be the best of the bunch. Released by Konami, the game features some of the best visuals available on the DS. Gamers are also treated with the debut of “Shanoa” a new heroine in the Castlevania storyline.

  2. "Nintendogs" “Nntendogs” gave DS owners the opportunity to care for their own virtual dogs. Caring for these canines is exactly the same as anyone would in the real world. Using the Nintendo DS touch-screen feature, players can even pet their dog.

  3. "Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords" Perhaps one of the most addictive games ever crafted, “Puzzle Quest” is pretty much based on the old “Bejeweled” game and adds an RPG dimention to it. This adventure and puzzle game was released by D3 Publisher. It was released  early 2007.

  4. "Super Mario 64 DS" A jazzed-up of the fan favorite Super Mario 64, the game is one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo DS. Players take control of any one of four different characters and guides them through the game's 3D environment. Players get to wander in pretty much all directions while collecting hidden “Power Stars”.

  5. "Tetris DS" This puzzle game has been around forever. It is available in countless platforms including the ubiquitous mobile phone. The DS version has a nice multiplayer mode where gamers can play together online or through a DS to DS connection.

  6. "The World Ends With You" This compelling DS game is known as “It's a Wonderful World” in its native Japan. It is a role-playing game where gamers choose a character and compete in extremely difficult challenges. The game's battle system makes good use of the Nintendo DS hardware. Combat scenes for instance, takes place takes place in both screens.

  7. "Warioware DIY" This unique game allows Nintendo DS owners to create their own games. Gamers can tweak the graphics, the music and even design a special cartridge for the game. They can send these games to other Warioware DIY gamers or receive and play games designed by other people.

  8. "Picross DS" Developed by the fine folks from Jupiter, "Picross DS" made it debut in 2007. It follows rules based on traditional "Picross." These are basically Nonogram type games which are picture logic puzzles.

  9. "Mario Cart DS" This classic racing game was re-released for the Nintendo DS. Thanks to the Nintendo DS' dual screen, players get a driver's view as well as a bird's-eye view of the track. Like the original, gamers can choose different characters and cars.

  10. "New Super Mario Bros"  "New Super Mario Bros" side scrolling gameplay is very familiar to longtime gamers. What makes the game special is that some characters and items are rendered in 3D polygonal graphics on 2D backgrounds. 80 exciting and challenging courses are available over eight unique worlds.   

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