Best Dubstep Songs

Dubstep is a type of electronic music originating in England in the early 2000s combining the high speed beats of jungle with the cavernous bass and space of dub reggae, and the best dubstep songs are full of both power and atmosphere. The premier artists working to create the best dubstep songs come from a number of backgrounds, whether they are music vets or bedroom producers with day jobs. Here are the best dubstep songs to grace the ears and soundsystems of listeners thus far.

  1. "Fostercare" by Burial. Burial is the artist many first associate with dubstep, and he has created one of the best dubstep songs with "Fostercare," his contribution to the "5 Years of Hyperdub" compilation. Burial is different than many of his peers in that his music is dark, lonely and haunting, but it still has propulsive, clicking beats. "Fostercare" is the perfect apotheosis of his sound.
  2. "Poison Dart" by the Bug. The Bug's productions lend more toward the reggae end of the spectrum, and his contribution to the best dubstep songs list has rattling bass that will test any soundsystem's endurance, along with angry Jamaican-style dancehall toasting from the ferocious Warrior Queen. This song is an equally good soundtrack for a house party or a riot.
  3. "26 Basslines" by Benga. Benga is one of the original dubstep producers, and this stuttering track is the culmination of his efforts, defining the dubstep style. A repeated bass figure holds down the track as the beats skitter around it, forming the foundation for one of the most innovative dance tracks in a generation, definitely one of the best dubstep songs.
  4. "Midnight Request Line" by Skream. Skream is considered also one of the pioneers of the dubstep sound, and his signature track is "Midnight Request Line," deceivingly minimal and eight-bit sounding until the monstrous bass comes in. This jam is haunting, strange, but till party music, making it another example of what is great about the best dubstep songs.
  5. "9 Samurai" by Kode 9. This seminal, cinematic track is another example of what is truly great about dubstep, building from a soundtrack-sounding horn sample with beats, bass, and other effects coming in incrementally to sculpt an epic peace of music. One of the first major dubstep hits, it is a fitting closer for our list of the best dubstep songs.






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