Best East Coast Beaches

The best East Coast beaches are only a few sentences away with our fun summer-ready review. You can check out the sand anywhere up and down the Eastern Seaboard, but only a few beaches make the top list for fun times, wild parties and stunning natural splendor. Our researchers have spent years wasting their lives down by the sea just to bring you these best East Coast beaches, so please take advantage of their sacrifice and relax with the help of some sun and surf.

  1. Ocean City, MD – Once known as one of the best family-oriented East Coast beaches to visit if you didn't mind being stuck in a huge crowd, Ocean City has definitely gone through some chances. Local investment and upgrades since the late 80s haven't reduced the popularity of this huge summer tourist destination, but they have made the waterfront a bit more accessible. Ocean City is also close to beaches like Delaware's Rehoboth, so it's easy to add an exploratory day trip to your personal beach week.
  2. Myrtle Beach, SC – An insanely popular spring break destination, Myrtle is one of those best East Coast beaches you don't want to miss. The area is highly developed and well-known for its great bars and awesome PGA-Level golf courses, so you'll definitely have somewhere to chill out when you're wasted at 1 a.m. Music theme parks, casino boats and other great asides await Myrtle thrill-seekers.
  3. Isle of Palms, SC – This beach island is Charleston's little secret. Most of the beaches here are private, but that doesn't really stop anyone, and since the majority of homeowners are retirees, you can get all the sun you want and still make a quick escape with good planning. Home to abundant wildlife and palm groves typical to the state, the best shorelines here are relatively untouched by tourists and pollution.
  4. Virginia Beach, VA – If you really want to live the beach bum life, come to Virginia Beach. Friendly local color, insane parties and one of the best East Coast beaches around make VA Beach a must-visit destination. Local inhabitants are fond of cruising the strip, and the huge nearby military presence means that you can do all the shopping you want in one of many well-developed local retail centers.
  5. Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury, MA – Salisbury is another great local secret, although it does host a moderate number of students during spring break. Nearby campgrounds and a smooth river make for a chill atmosphere that suffers little for the generally colder climate, but make sure you're ready for the ocean water before diving in, because it can seriously be heartbreakingly frigid.
  6. Jekyll Island, GA – A nearly unspoiled paradise island, the beaches here stretch for miles. The locale is largely undeveloped (by law) so you can go a good while without seeing a soul. Make sure you pack some munchies and emergency supplies for extended stays. The solitude is especially welcomed by those adventurous wanderers who decide they've had enough of the beach and cross the single road that loops the island in order to explore the inner palm swamps, complete with 'gators, snakes and colorful geckos.
  7. Miami Beach, FL – This place is pretty much like something out of a movie, and not necessarily the the kind you'd find in the kid's section of the video store. Home to South Beach, one of America's most famous resorts, Miami Beach is well known for its multinational clientele and A-List stars. This is not the place for you if you're not ready to really throw down, as its commercialized fast-paced style is designed for one thing, 24/7/365 partying.
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