Best Eminem Songs

These best Eminem songs are all extremely enjoyable to listen to. Together they show Eminem's diverse range in music, with his success exploring different styles and beats in each of these songs. These are all examples of Eminem's skilled singing and rapping ability, which have led to his great success.

  1. "My Name Is" This was the first official single from Eminem's second album, "The Slim Shady LP." This song shows the lighthearted humor prevalent in many of Eminem's earlier songs. Aside from the great lyrics, this song is enjoyable to listen to with an edgy beat and creative rhymes.
  2. "Stan," Featuring Dido. This song is the perfect blend of Eminem's edgy raps and Dido's harmonic vocals. The song fuses two contrasting styles to make a unique blend of music. With these dark controversial lyrics, the song is a radical exploration of troubled lives via a beautifully arranged song.
  3. "Like Toy Soldiers" This phenomenal song makes the unique choice of including children choral vocals joined with Eminem's excellent rap. The unity makes the song stand out as unique, which helped it become such a great success. The song does a great job of sampling songs and making it unique with a great beat.
  4. "Lose Yourself" This song was part of the soundtrack to the hit movie "8 Mile" that Eminem starred in. It has a dynamic and powerful beat that is full of energetic rap that makes it a great song to listen to. For these reasons and many more it ended up reaching #1 on 24 charts worldwide and continues to one of the best songs of the decade.
  5. "Love the Way You Lie" Featuring Rihanna. This 2010 hit mixes R&B and rap to make an enjoyable arrangement of music. The mix of Rihanna's soothing vocals and Eminem's rough rap vocals makes the song tremendously unique and great to listen to many times again. This collaborative song is truly on of the best Eminem songs to date.
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