Best Equipment To Exercise Your Butt

You may be wondering what is the best equipment to exercise your butt. With all of the different types of fitness equipment on the market, the answer may be difficult to find on your own. Here are five different pieces of equipment that are specifically designed to exercise your butt, giving you a toner and firmer gluteus maximus.

  1. Big Fitness Butt Blaster. This is a larger piece of fitness equipment to exercise your butt. Studies by kinesiologists have shown that back leg lifts to a 45 degree angle do not work the gluteus maximus muscles; instead, a full 60 degree angle is needed. The Butt Blaster provides this type of exercise through its ergonomically correct design to help you firm up your behind quickly and easily. The retail cost for the Butt Blaster is about $250, although you may find a few used models at a much lower price.
  2. Yukon Fitness Butt & Thigh Shaper BTS-164. The Butt & Thigh Shaper by Yukon comes with a video to show you how to use the equipment to exercise your butt. It retails for about $300 and comes with a lifetime warranty. There are twenty different positions that will work your gluteus maximus as you perform the exercises against a padded resistance bar.
  3. Stamina Instride Electronic Stepper. This is an affordable alternative to the larger and more expensive equipment to exercise your butt. At a cost of about $60, the Stamina Electronic Stepper is small enough to slide under a bed and easy enough to transport, being that it only weighs twenty pounds. Many people misunderstand the design of a stepper as they believe that it is similar to walking up a flight of stairs. This misconception is overcome when you start using the stepper and realize that the workout is not in stepping down on the footrest but in picking up your feet, causing the muscles in your butt to get a full workout.
  4. Bun and Thigh Roller from Body by Jake. This particular piece of fitness equipment to exercise your butt looks like a reclined chair. Once you sit down, you will rock your way to a tighter behind. The movement works all six major muscle groups in the lower body including the gluteus maximus. It comes with a variety of flex resistant bands that can be changed as your fitness level increases. This product retails for about $250 and offers a one year warranty.
  5. Nordic Track C4SI Recumbent Bike. A recumbent bike allows you to sit in a reclined position while cycling. This position will work a different group of muscles than a standard upright stationary bike. The Nordic Track C4SI is a little more expensive piece of equipment to exercise your butt, but well worth the money. At a price of about $500, this bike provides you with 25 different workouts to reduce the size of your gluteus maximus. The seat is oversized so it is comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes. It is also designed to give extra lumbar support to reduce the strain on your lower back.
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