Best Erotic European Movies Of The 70’s

The best erotic European movies of the 70's splashed a healthy dose of sex and violence onto the palette of cinema and influenced the motion picture industry for years to come. With famous horror directors and erotic mavens getting in on the act, there was plenty in this decade to heat up the hearts of young men everywhere. For the best erotic European movies of the '70s, make sure you have a cold drink handy. Your body temperature will need it!  

  1. "Tenebre". Dario Argento balanced sexual energy with graphic violence in this murder-thriller about an American author on a book tour in Europe, who finds that a crazed fan has taken the scenes in his book to the extreme. Dark scenes that mix sex, brutality, and violence, for an unforgettable movie-going experience that ranks as one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s.
  2. "Torso". Sergio Martino crams plenty of twisted sex into this tale about a killer loose on a college campus. Arty, colorful, and seductive, "Torso" is one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s that will ratchet up the tension even as it titillates the senses.
  3. "New York Ripper". Director Lucio Fulci delivers another steamy tale of murder heavy on sexual perversion and eroticism. A killer loose in New York slices and dices and quacks like a duck. It's a peculiar premise, but nothing short of unforgettable.
  4. "Violation of the Bitch". Director Jose Larraz leaves behind the standard giallo tales of mystery and murder for this bizarre Euro-fantasy about a woman, who is sexually tormented and dominated by a Gypsy woman. It's 150-degree passion unfolding before your very eyes as sex is shown to be a force of domination and pleasure, making for one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s and all time!
  5. "Emmanuelle". Director Just Jaeckin launched the popular series with this classic about a sexually liberated woman's travels across Europe. Featuring the bodacious Sylvia Kristel in the title role, "Emmanuelle" became a household name for eroticism and one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s.
  6. "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS". If you like buxom blondes and female domination, "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS" is the film for you. Not for the feint of heart for its graphic violence, the movie still manages to titillate through its lead Dyanne Thorne, a woman who is concurrently sexy and revolting.
  7. "The Night Porter". Perhaps the most twisted, perverse, and simultaneously erotic film of this decade was the Charlotte Rampling-Dirk Bogarde vehicle "The Night Porter," a tragic love story about the sadomasochistic bond between a former concentration camp detainee and her Nazi abuser in post-war Vienna. A controversial and unflinching look at sexual perversion, it is also one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s.
  8. "Thriller: A Cruel Picture". A woman seeks vengeance on the crime lord, who cut out one of her eyes. Hardcore sex and violence aplenty makes "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s. Anyone who watches this film and follows it up with the "Kill Bill" films can see the impression it made on Quentin Tarantino. 
  9. "Vampyres". Director Jose Larraz adds another one of the best erotic European movies of the '70s with this update of the classic novella "Carmilla." Themes of vampirism and lesbianism up the sexual tension on this modern classic.
  10. "Going Places". Gerard Depardieu stars in this "Easy Rider" knockoff about a pair of misogynistic miscreants on a road trip. Heavily edited for a U.S. release, the French original is chockful of three-way sex and violence.
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