Best Esther Williams Movies

In the 1950s, Esther Williams had some of the best movies from Hollywood during its heyday thanks to the young starlet who grew up a champion swimmer before going into films. Esther Williams' early swimming career during the 1940s gained nationwide attention from newspapers though lengthy photo spreads that took advantage of her athletic build and tall frame. From her discovery by Billy Rose to starring in the Broadway musical "Aquacade," Esther Williams grew into a lead star along with fellow swimmer, Johnny Weismuller. Soon, movie studio giant MGM noticed her appeal and cast her in musicals and films that took advantage of her natural beauty. Esther Williams was an icon of the film world through these wonderful pictures that embraced the lovely woman's gift for glorious entertainment. Here are the ten best Esther Williams movies:

  1. "Bathing Beauty": A song writer delves into an all-girl school to seek out a swimming instructor that  he adores.  
  2. "On an Island With You": The gorgeous island of Hawaii is the backdrop for romance.
  3. "Neptune's Daughter": A fashion designer of swimwear falls in love with a famous polo player and a man mistaken for him.
  4. "Pagan Love Song": A school teacher encounters romance in Tahiti with an American woman.
  5. "Texas Carnival": A case of mistaken identity at a ritzy Texan hotel featuring a carnival sideshow.
  6. "Million Dollar Mermaid": Based on the life and love of Annette Kellerman and her manager.  
  7. "Skirts Ahoy!": Hot-blooded female sailors set sail for love with three eligible bachelors. 
  8. "Easy to Love": Romance is in the air in Florida between two lovers.  
  9. "Dangerous When Wet": A tight family of swimmers gather together to break sports records such as synchronized swimming. 
  10. "Jupiter's Darling": A musical comedy about the Roman Empire involving Hannibal's attack on Rome.
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