Best Ever Family Cloth Drying Rack

Find the best ever family cloth drying rack to air dry clothes easily and save money. Clothes driers, the kind that are electric or gas operated, cost money to buy, operate, and maintain. Using a cloth drying rack is like having a compact clothesline at your disposal and allows you to save energy and wear and tear on your clothes from the drier. It's better for the environment and helps clothes last longer.

  1. Decide what kind of drying rack you want. There are several styles of cloth drying racks available. Some are wooden and fold up in an accordion fashion or are circular. Another style has three wire shelves and is on wheels to move it around. Other drying racks are metal with a coated paint finish that expand out instead of up.
  2. See the Best Drying Rack. A Web site is devoted to this wooden cloth drying rack that is made of maple wood and steel. The circular wood drying rack folds up to 8 inches around and 27 inches tall. When open, it is 52 inches around by 38 inches tall and has 24 feet of drying space. The individual spokes of wood promote good air circulation for fast clothes drying. The Best Drying Rack costs $45.
  3. Check out Breeze Drier. The Frazer Three Tier Mobile Airer is a mobile clothesline of wire construction that sits on wheels. It features an extra large drying capacity with 68 feet of drying space on three shelves that can be collapsed if needed. The entire clothes drying rack can be folded for easy storage. Find the Breeze Drier Web site online. This drying rack is $59.
  4. Look at Ikea's Frost model. Ikea stores are in many major cities or visit their online store and check out the Frost style floor drying rack. This might be the best ever family cloth drying rack because it is an all-purpose, durable, lightweight drying rack for clothes that folds to a very small size to fit behind an door or other small space when not in use. When open, the Frost drying rack opens to be more than four feet long, nearly two  feet wide, and three feet tall. It costs $20 and can be used indoors or outside. It holds a medium to large load of laundry with staggered rods so clothes do not touch each other which allows for fast drying.
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