Best Exercises With A Climbing Rope

Exercising has reinvented itself and has brought attention to the best exercises with a climbing rope into a majority of all exercise routines. Something as simple as a climbing rope is as effective as purchasing a variety of exercise equipment that promises to make you lose weight virtually overnight. Following the guidelines of the best exercises performed with a climbing rope will have the same effect (or better effect) than those overtly glamorized methods.

  1. Jumping rope. Perhaps the most elementary but most influential for losing weight is jumping rope. Jumping rope burns an astonishing average of eleven calories per minute. Of course, this number increases with the intensity of jumping rope.
  2. Jump rope boat rowing. This exercise employs the imagination of the person exercising. Hold the handles on the rope together and begin to move the rope from side to side in rowing motions. This is an incredible workout for the arms.
  3. Jump rope skiing. This exercise is a modification of the previous exercise. Your arms will swing in the same motion and the same time, but the person will jump opposite sides as the rope is rowing. This works out the arms and the oblique muscles at the same time.
  4. Jump rope bridge. Perform this exercise correctly by holding one handle in each hand so the rope is off the ground. Swing the rope slightly under your feet and hop back and forth over it.
  5. Jumping rope jacks. This exercise requires agility and concentration. While jumping rope normally and with the rope in mid-air, jump and land with the legs out. When the rope comes back to the feet jump up with the feet together.
  6. Jumping criss-cross. Perform this simple exercise by crossing your arms in front of your body when the rope is moving under your feet.
  7. Jumping kicks. With the rope approaching your feet, kick out one leg and hop over the rope. Continue alternating legs.
  8. Jumping rope pull. Wrap the jump rope around a metal pole and pull against your own strength repeating opposite sides.
  9. Jump rope abdominals. Perform this lying on your back with the rope around the bottom of one foot. Pull the foot up and at the same time raise the upper torso off the ground. Repeat the same for each side.
  10. Jumping abdominal twist. Perform this by folding the rope two to three times and holding each end in separate hands. Pull against your own strength and twist to each side.
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