Best Face Shields for Ice Hockey

The best face shields for ice hockey vary depending on each individual player's preference and desired comfort level. Ice hockey face shields provide protection for the face at a level decided upon by the player. The rules will allow you to play at a competitive level without a face shield, but it is not recommended. Ice hockey face shields protect your eyes from various foreign objects, such as the puck, high sticking, gloves and even ice. The best ice hockey face shields are made of a high polymer, scratch- and shatter-resistant plastic to provide the best protection. They should also be fog proof so as not to impair vision and can come with or without vents for breathability. The ice hockey face shields, or “visors,” listed here provide the best of these characteristics and are a noninvasive attachment to ice hockey helmets.

  1. Oakley VR904 Modified Straight Small Visor with Slots. This face shield offers the sleekest fit and coverage area for the ice hockey player. The built-in slots allow the eyes to breath and keep moisture from building.
  2. Itech Deluxe X100 Half Shield. This face shield is an on-ice favorite. Boasting tool-less attachment and replacement, it is ultra-lightweight and satisfies all the safety and durability needs of the serious player.
  3. Under Armour UA9910 Hockey Visor. This visor offers tough-as-nails construction with a comfortable fit and does not impede vision in any way. Built-in slots for breathability allow cooling for the eyes without causing tearing or strain.
  4. Bauer RBE I Certified Half Shield. This face shield provides a new level of protection while maintaining comfort. This face shield may very well be the next generation in safety, with its superior construction and protection levels. It has all the amenities of its shorter cousins but provides superior protection.
  5. Oakley VR900 Pro Aviator Cut without Vents. This visor is for those players looking for protection but who do not care about ventilation for the eyes. If visor breathability is not an issue for you, then this is your perfect visor. It has a sleek look and the Oakley quality, offering great and stylish protection.
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