Best Facebook Status After Break Up

The best Facebook status after a break-up should be powerful, assertive, and possible funny. Each of these options can turn your breakup from misery to wisdom. Whether you are quoting someone or providing an original spin on the situation, each of these options can give you a great start to reveal your feelings to your network of friends.

  1. "Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all": This is a great quote by Alfred Tennyson, a famous poet of Queen Victoria's reign. In this quote you can share with your friends a belief that your time and energies have not been lost despite your breakup. It is a great way of sharing your positive perspective and mindset after a breakup. This facebook status after a breakup is also a good way to remind yourself that love is important even if it ends.
  2. "When a door closes, a window opens": This is a popular saying that has shown up in film, books, and inspirational quotes. As a Facebook status after a break-up it can be used to show you believe in a bigger opportunity that will come. It is not an insult to your past partner, but rather a belief that different and better things are planned for your future. It's a particularly good way of gather positive life-affirming support from your facebook network of friends.
  3. "God is closest to those with broken hearts": This is a famous Jewish saying that is perfect for reminding yourself and your friends that you are not alone in sadness. Sharing on facebook that you believe God is with you can be a way of gathering strength and mending your heart ache. It is a great quote for both the religious and spiritual in need of support. Thus, it works well for many people as a facebook status after a breakup.
  4. "Love is a dirty trick played on us to achieve the continuation of the species": This funny quote by William Maugham is packed with attitude and humour. Maugham certainly shows why he became such an acclaimed novelist and writer with this insightful quote. This quote can be the perfect facebook status update after a break up if you wish to show your bitterness in a clever fashion. This quote is ideal for expressing your past relationship as a deceptive scheme, that was actually vapid from love.
  5. "Missing someone is not an indication that you are meant to be with them": This is a truly honest and insightful way to change your Facebook status after a breakup. If you want to be true to your feelings, you can acknowledge your sadness and your level-headed belief that you are not going to cling to that person. It is also a great piece of wisdom to provide to your other friends at facebook who may at some point go through a breakup as well.
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