Best Fantasy Football Team Names

The best fantasy football team names often have something to do with current events, the individual athletes themselves or some joke that is universally known, and is not just one that only people within the league understand. These fantasy football team names should also be ones that can be used for an extended period of time and not regularly changed over the course of a season or from season to season. If you're stuck when trying to come up with a good fantasy football team name, reference this list below for some good ideas of what types of funny combinations you might want to do.

  1. The Pitbull Vicks. Referencing Michael Vick's mistreatment of pitbulls in dogfighting rings, which sent him to jail and almost ruined his career, this name honors those fallen animals and kind of makes a sick, dark joke at the same time. Hopefully there are no PETA members in your fantasy football league.
  2. Multiple Scoregasms. A hilarious and sexually explicit name is perfect for any fantasy football team name adds a little spice to an otherwise dorky game played primarily by men. It also makes your fantasy team seem awesome, in all ways you think about them.
  3. Fourth Down Syndrome. A darkly funny name for a fantasy football team, which mocks your interest in fantasy football and makes it impossible for anyone in your league or anyone you are playing against to forget. And if your players do well on fourth downs in games, it makes it even better.
  4. 2 Mannings 1 Cup. Referencing a number of things here, this fantasy football team name is both rude and hilarious all at once, which is perfect for this kind of game. There was a disgusting video which swept the internet called "Two girls, one cup" and considering there are two Manning players in the national football league who are brothers and starting quarterbacks, this seems like the perfect way to mock them.
  5. Ben Ruffiesberger. Another fantasy football team name that references some real football current events, Ruffiesberger refers to quarterback Ben Rothlisberger's last name, twisted to imply that he used the date rape drug on college girls, which he has been accused of sexually assaulting in the past. A mean dig, but a good one, especially if you hate the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  6. The Dirty Sanchez. Referencing both New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and the abusive sexual act of lore called the dirty sanchez, this seems like the perfect fantasy football team name, as it's slightly offensive, slightly funny and very male.
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