Best Fat Girlfriend Songs

The best fat girlfriend songs are made to celebrate those extra layers of cellulite that present themselves on your woman. If you love women who have more than their share of extra baggage, then these fat girlfriend songs should appeal to you on a fundamental level. Unless your girlfriend is exceptionally calm and unemotional, you should not sing any of these songs to her—unless you want to be denied sex.

  1. "Baby Got Back." From the one-hit wonder by the name of Sir-Mix-A-Lot, this sweet rap tune from 1992 takes the number one spot because of how fun it is to sing along to! Listen to Sir-Mix-A-Lot rap the praises of blubber, fatness and the big booties of overweight women everywhere … and either laugh out loud or just enjoy the dope and quick-witted rhymes. After this song, big booties were definitely a valued commodity on most women.
  2. "Fat Bottomed Girls." "Fat Bottomed Girls" comes from 1978 and is one of the early hard rock hits from that super-famous and legendary glam-metal band Queen. This song is not just significant for its covetous desire for women with a lot of fat on their derrieres; it is also famous for the late, great Freddie Mercury's soaring and powerful lead vocals along with guitar-god Brian May's sweet guitar chords and solo. If you want a song for your fat girlfriend that is also respectable in the annals of music, then this is your song.
  3. "The Fat Girl." You cannot get any less subtle than if you tried with this song by the former Mr. Julia Roberts, Lyle Lovett. The funny-haired country singer had a song some time back about an obese girlfriend which was nowhere near as famous as the first two on this countdown. A peculiar characteristic of this song is how Lyle Lovett's fat girlfriend is obsessed with staying indoors and playing the piano.
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