Best Features Of The Rome Cheap Trick 2009 Snowboard

If you want to save money on a snowboard by purchasing an older model, learn about the best features of the Rome Snowboard Cheap trick 2009. The Cheap trick 2009 isn't vastly different from the other updated Cheap trick models. The Rome Cheap Trick 2009 is perfect for snowboarders who are at intermediate level and want to start learning tricks, but still want to spend some time on the runs. Learn about the best features of the Cheap trick 2009:

  1. The Cheap Trick Responsive Flex. One best feature of the Cheap Trick 2009 is its responsiveness. The Cheap Trick is ideal for park snowboarding, doing tricks and "jibbing." It is difficult for a snowboard to be both responsive and flexible, but the Cheap Trick 2009 blends the perfect balance resulting in smooth ride and easy landings. The responsive flex is a result of the core design which is comprised of lightweight wood.
  2. The Cheap Trick True Twin. The Cheap Trick 2009 is completely symmetrical. This true twin tip is exactly how a quality freestyle snowboard should be made. The  centered stance and radial sidecut help to give you control while you are attempting tricks.
  3. The Cheap Trick Durable Construction. One drawback to freestyle boards is that they tend to break easier. This is not true of the Rome Cheap Trick. Even with the superior flex, the TRXD base makes this board is durable, low maintenance and repairs are easy.
  4. The Cheap Trick price. The Cheap Trick 2009 costs approximately 198 dollars. This is a low price for a high quality snowboard and it is also half the cost of the Cheap Trick 2010 model.
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