Best Felt Saddle Pads

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding for competition or pleasure, you should only use the best felt saddle pads for your horse. The more comfortable the horse is, the better your ride will be. You can impress the judges, your friends, family, and your special someone with your riding ability. Of course, your ability counts for nothing if your horse’s back hurts from the wrong saddle pad. Felt saddle pads conform to the horse's back and your saddle at the same time, allowing even weight distribution. Choose one of the best for your mount, and you'll both be happy you did.

  1. Circle Y 100% wool felt saddle pad, round skirt. This pad is perfect for trail riding. The round skirt matches the contour of the saddle, letting the horse’s back breathe. Wool felt wicks away sweat, allowing your horse to move comfortably and give you a smooth ride.
  2. 5 star wool felt saddle pad for horses with square skirt. This pad has a leather spine and has wear leathers for durability. Made from wool, this pad keeps your horse cool under the saddle in the summer.
  3. Wool felt saddle pad. Choose from 3/4-inch thickness for general riding or one inch for daily vigorous workouts, trail rides  and competition events. The pad allows the rider contact with the horse without having to over-cinch the saddle. Your horse performs much better when his comfort becomes your number one concern.
  4. Tucker Toklat wool blend contour saddle pads. These felt saddle pads contour to the horse’s body for maximum shock absorption. On trail and endurance rides, fatigue is the enemy. The felt pad allows the horse to concentrate on moving forward, not adjusting to the shifting weight on his back.
  5. Diamond wool show pads aren’t just for the arena. Made from the finest wool, these pads will not slip under even the most vigorous events. This eliminates sore backs, galling or pinching for your favorite friend. Again, the more comfortable he is, the better you look.
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