Best Fender Guitar Parts

If you have ever wanted to get the most out of your guitar, these are the best Fender guitar parts to help you out. From pickups to custom tuning keys, these Fender parts will make your guitar sound just like your favorite rock stars’. 

  1. Fender Custom Shop 1969 Strat Pickup Set. These custom pickups are check and initialed by Fender’s master pickup builder, Abigail Ybarra, who has been building pickups for Fender since the late 1950’s. These pickups are replicas of the original 1969 set, and feature the tone and midrange response that has defined the Fender Stratocaster since its inception.
  2. Fender Lone Star Pickguard. If your Fender guitar is looking a little old or tarnished, the Lone Star Pickguard can give it a much needed facelift. This four-ply pickguard features holes for one humbucker and two single coil pickups, and is a cinch to install on your Lone Star or Fat Strat guitar.
  3. GHS David Gilmour Signature Strings. If you have ever wanted your Fender Stratocaster to sound like David Gilmour’s (from Pink Floyd), then look no further then these custom GHS strings. With two flavors to choose from, these strings have the flexibility needed to pull off those dramatic bends that gave Pink Floyd their signature sound.
  4. Fender Tremolo Arm Tension Springs. These genuine tremolo tension arm springs will help you set your tremolo arm into a fixed position, and give it that classic Fender feel.
  5. Fender Vintage Strat Pickup Cover. These original Fender pickup covers come in black or white and easily fit over most Fender pickups. Their sleek design will give your Fender guitar that sought after vintage look.
  6. Fender Vintage Noiseless Strat Neck Pickup. This noiseless neck pickup for Fender Stratocasters is built with cutting edge pickup technology and will give your guitar that unique sound only possible with Fender products. This pickup can be fitted to the either the neck or middle position of any Stratocaster.
  7. Fender American Standard Strat Tremolo System. This dynamic tremolo system comes with everything you need to achieve that classic American tremolo, included adjustable string saddles and an ergonomic detachable arm.
  8. Fender American Series Strat Guitar Tuners. These custom built tuning keys will give your Fender guitar a touch of class, and are made of the heavy duty gold plating.
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