Best Five Ten Stealth C4 Climbing Shoes

Want to learn about the best Five Ten Stealth C4 climbing shoes? The Stealth C4 material is award-winning for being the highest-friction rubber on Earth. Five Ten sells climbing, running and hiking shoes that are all complete with Stealth C4, and they also sell a resoling kit, even though Stealth C4 lasts longer than any other rubber on the market. Five Ten Stealth C4 climbing shoes are available for both males and females, with a wide variety of styles, colors and fits. The best Five Ten Stealth C4 climbing shoes really depend on the climber and what type of climbing they are doing. The top-rated Five Ten Stealth C4 climbing shoes are:

  1. Five Ten Coyote Lace Up. This climbing shoe is great for beginners. It has all leather on the top and laces up. This shoe is comfortable and versatile and only weighs eight ounces. This shoe only comes in red.
  2. Five Ten 5X. This climbing shoe is a popular pick because of its versatility. It has a fish hook mid-sole which makes it good for sport climbing and bouldering. It has a Velcro and zipper closure and unlined leather. It weighs a little over nine ounces and comes in lime green.
  3. Five Ten Coyote VCS. This shoe was designed for sport climbing and gym climbing. It is a value shoe that has Velcro closures and a fish hook mid-sole that makes smearing and edging easier than ever. This climbing shoe weighs eight ounces and comes in armadillo.
  4. Five Ten Grandstone. This is a high top type of climbing shoe that laces all of the way up. It is a shoe that can be used for any type of climbing, but it is very stiff. The leather uppers were designed to protect the ankle. This shoe weighs nine and a half ounces and comes in taupe.
  5. Five Ten Anasazi. There are five different styles of this climbing shoe. Some of the shoes are for women only. These shoes are a popular brand because of the various closures available and the comfortable fit. These come in a variety of colors and on average weigh around eight ounces.
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