Best Flooring For Home Gym

Knowing what is the best flooring for a home gym can be a challenge. Unbelievably, many people give this little to no thought. However, it is vital if you consider safety factors and the stability of your equipment. The best flooring should be stable, durable and level. Rubber-based is the best option and comes in two forms: rolled or tiled. Many people choose rolled, but you can't really go wrong either way.  When shopping for flooring, consider the following:

  1. Select the thickness of the rubber flooring (either one-quarter inch or three-eight inch). The thickness is up to you. Base the decision on the impact you expect your workouts to have.
  2. The rubber matting should be laid and allowed to set before use. This will allow the equipment to stabilize and generate a footprint in which it will maintain its location.
  3. Once set, the rubber matting is ready for use. You can begin your workouts comfortably and confidently.
  4. As with anything, please check your equipment and test its stability by pushing against it. If strictly working with free weights, ensure your bench is stable.

Since rubber matting is pretty much the same across the market place there isn’t much that sets one brand apart from the other. One exception may be Elephant Bark Flooring, which offers many years of proven superior quality. Another is Rubber-Cal Composite, which offers great stability and durability with some great color choices to boot.


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