Best Food To Eat Before Drinking

Those who us who love to drink but also want to stay healthy and sober will want to know the best food to eat before drinking. Apart from the overall importance of having plenty of liquids prior to a drinking bout, as liquor will dry up your skin and make you dehydrated, there are three top foods that you should eat before you go out drinking. These foods slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, thus making you sober longer and the life of the party due to your drinking prowess! These top three foods can be summed up as follows:

  1. Fatty Foods. Yes, in this day and age of health consciousness and weight watching, this can put a grimace on your face. But eating fatty foods before you drink will slow down the absorption rate of alcohol into your system. Fatty foods does note necessarily mean that you keep the fat on the burger or the pork chop you are having. Plenty of fatty foods exist out there and can be found in the form of nuts such as almonds and such including a lot of  junk foods. Just read the labels for the high fat content foods.
  2. Carbohydrate rich food. These carbohydrate rich foods such as potatoes,pizza and pasta ingested before you drink will also provide a buffer to you getting drunk and feeling tipsy later on. Should potatoes and pasta not be available, try a slice of white bread. In fact, take several slices before going on a heavy drinking spree.
  3. Fruits. Definitely fruits can still be considered a great food to eat before drinking. High starch fruits like bananas help absorb alcohol in your stomach, whereas fruits with high liquid contents like watermelons prevent you from dehydrating too quickly when you drink alcohol.
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