Best Food On Olvera Street

The best food on Olvera Street would seem easy enough to find. Just walk there and bump into delicious fare, right?  Wrong. Make sure a visit to Olvera Street is worth it, by doing research before sinking your teeth into something you'll regret. These eats are cheap; yet taste like a million bucks. To prevent any sane person from ending up at some establishment where the food is gray or the service is lacking, here is a guide to restaurants offering what's tasty on Olvera.

  1. Casa La Golondrina Let's start off with some of the most delicious food on Olvera Street with La Golondrina. Often called a tourist trap (you won’t feel that way), this place is legendary and deserves the top spot. Brave through a horrendous parking situation and crowds to experience the best mole this side of the border. This mole is rich, savory, sweet and delicious served over grilled chicken. Don't forget to have a margarita while chilling to the sounds of the mariachi band. If you're looking for uniqueness, it won't be here. This food is for those looking to have a good old-fashioned meal, cooked with care and tons of flavor. 17 Olvera St. (213) 628-4349 
  2. La Luz del Dia Homemade tortillas? Check! Friendly staff? Check! Good food? Check, check!  La Luz del Dia is where the food is cheap and plentiful. Order a carnitas plate, which will come to you with handmade tortillas (made in your face, so as not to resist) and a friendly smile. You will also find something not often seen in chain restaurants. Here you can order cactus. Call before going, it closes early on Mondays. 1 W. Olvera St. (213) 628-7495
  3. Cielito Lindo Not exactly a restaurant, yet located on Olvera Street is the food cart known as Cielito Lindo. They have been there forever and managed to keep the food tasty as their competitors die out. Their fame lies with their taquitos. Crispy goodness meant to be drowned in avocado heaven.  They also offer these same taquitos uncooked for takeout. This is a dream, a way for customers to enjoy them while sitting on their sofas. You will want to take the avocado sauce and a spoon and eat gobs of it, while humming your favorite tune. A must try is the pork chile verde burrito. It makes you want to squeal. E-23 Olvera St. (213) 687-4391 La Noche Buena Called a hole in the wall with great reason. Don’t expect to find mass seating, but do expect the shack known as La Noche Buena to serve up delectable carne asada platters, flavorful cheese enchiladas and scrumptious tamales.  The combinations are endless and the cost quite reasonable. Your belly will be filled for under $10.00, including a drink. 12 Olvera St. (213) 628-2078
  4. Mr Churro's Dinner is not complete without the best dessert on Olvera Street. Those that have only experienced the sad looking, long striated dough which has been fried too hard or in cooked oil too cool, only to be further insulted by dipping the greasy mess in cinnamon sugar have not been done justice. Mr. Churro’s takes it up a notch and then some. Not only are they crispy on the outside, the insides are just the right amount of fluffy. The churros come plain or they come special; piping hot and stuffed with yummy ingredients like caramel, cream, or custard.  A dessert within dessert. Bring  extra stomach after you’ve finished hitting the other fabulous restaurants on Olvera. 15 Olvera St.  (213) 680-9036

There is no reason not to grab a sombrero and some maracas, while swaying to the tunes on Olvera Street. Just remember the best food on Olvera Street is just a hop, skip, and jump away.

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