Best Food To Serve With A Pina Colada

Need to know the best food to serve with a pina colada? These food choices are scrumptious with a pina colada and will enable you to enjoy the flavor like never before. Pina colada is a delicious coconut and pineapple flavored alcoholic beverage. The delicious fruity flavor makes it the perfect summertime drink.

  1. Light foods are the key. Pina colada goes great with light summery foods. So when you are trying to figure out what to drink with your pina colada, make sure it is not a heavy food like steak and potatoes. Instead, go for something like quesadillas.
  2. Mexican food is amazing with a pina colada. Mexican food is generally lighter food. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Pair a delicious pina colada with loaded nachos, quesadillas or tacos for a delicious flavor infusion.
  3. Zesty salads mix well with the flavors of a pina colada. Take a traditional salad and kick it up a notch to make it worthy of the pina colada. Toss grilled chicken and grated lemon and orange peels into the salad to give it a fruity kick. The flavors in the salad will combine with the flavors in the pina colada and send your taste buds on a wild ride.
  4. Sip on a fruity pina colada while eating your favorite snacks. Snack foods and pina coladas are made for each other because they are both light. Enjoy a pina colada with your favorite baked chips or crackers.
  5. Seafood is a great pairing for a pina colada. Seafood is just one more of the many light foods that will make your pina colada far more enjoyable. Delicious shrimp and lobster are great choices. Fish and crab are also good.
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