Best Foreign Erotic Movies 2009

The best foreign erotic movies of 2009 are a mixed bag any way you look at them. Some glorify pedophilia, while some are just utterly distressing with massively explicit scenes of eroticism that more properly should be classified as torture-porn! Still others are simply bizarre, almost as if eroticism was an afterthought to the more obvious theme of creepiness in the film.

  1. "The Reader" Released in the very early part of 2009 and starring everyone's favorite "Titanic" heroine, Kate Winslet, "The Reader" is about Nazism. Or, more precisely, "The Reader" is actually about what occurs if a female Nazi SS guard takes advantage of a young teenage boy and shows him a world of pleasure that is usually reserved for adults! The young man playing the teenage boy was over eighteen when this erotic foreign film was made, so no laws were broken. If you want a foreign erotic movie from 2009 that makes you revisit your teenage fantasies, then check out "The Reader."
  2. "Antichrist" Not about the coming of the biblical Antichrist in Armageddon, but rather a glorification of torture-porn, "Antichrist" was a Danish movie that starred Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg in some fiercely controversial sex scenes that some will see as sadism, masochism and mental illness as opposed to real eroticism. "Antichrist" tells the story of a couple who retreat to a cabin to act out sex scenes to help them deal with the death of their one-year-old toddler, like all well-adjusted parents do after the loss of their child! Though critics have called this foreign film from 2009 disturbing, you can take solace in the fact that it does portray the psychological breakdown of a mother who just lost her child. Just be prepared to stomach some strong scenes.
  3. "Bandaged" This erotic foreign film from Germany features actors you likely haven't heard of, but its story is beyond the pale. A surgeon who is reeling from his wife's death locks himself and his eighteen-year-old daughter in their mansion; she tries to commit suicide, which leaves her face badly burned. As her father hires a salacious nurse with a past to tend to his damaged daughter, instead of nursing her, the salacious nurse and the daughter end up having a lesbian affair! If only all such burn cases would end this way, then recovery times would be greatly expedited. Watch this 2009 foreign movie if you have ever fantasized about the nurse that was nursing you back to health in your own hospital stay.
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