Best Free Video Editing Software

The best free video editing software titles offer powerful features that any aspiring editor can use. You can use the best free video editing software to create home movie DVDs for your family, or videos to post on the internet. All it takes to use the best free video editing software is some time and a little practice.

  1. Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is free on Windows operating systems from Windows XP on up. It is a very easy piece of software to use since it employs the drag and drop method of editing. This member of the list of best free video editing software allows you to do editing effects, add titles and incorporate images as well as custom audio.
  2. Apple iMovie. Apple iMovie is the best free video editing software on the Apple Mac platform that operates much the same way as Windows Movie Maker does. Because the Mac platform is a bit more robust for multimedia than Windows, the iMovie program has additional features such as DVD authoring features and the ability to make a trailer for your video.
  3. Zwei-Stein. Zwei-Stein is one of the best free video editing software titles for people that are a bit more advanced in video editing. The Zwei-Stein platform allows you to bring together 256 different video, audio and picture files into one complete video. It has a wide range of over 64 special effects you can use, and it also offers features such as panning and cropping that are not found in many other free editors.
  4. VirtualDub. VirtualDub is the ideal video editor for someone who just wants to process home movies quickly and get them to DVD. It has very basic editing features, but it is very easy to use and offers all of the basic editing functions you would need to create your own videos.
  5. Wax. Wax is a very advanced free video editing title that has several features that most other editors do not have. The main feature Wax offers which is unique is the ability to do special effects on your video. You can alter frames, add images and create special effects to make your movie look like a Hollywood feature film.
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