Best Full Auto Tennis Ball Gun

Looking for the best full auto tennis ball gun? When looking for the best quality, price becomes a factor. Many tennis ball cannons are available on the market, but they are of substandard quality and are not fully automated.

The SAM Robot Tennis Ball Machine carries a hefty price tag, but has a large variety of features, including random and programmable oscillation.

  1. The machine will oscillate from side to side or front to back. The toss can be programmed for one or more of 10,000 shots available in the database, including  a lob, drop-shot, volley, slice, flat, top spin or under spin.
  2. A remote control can aid the user in quick programming, as well as including the speed, depth and time between each shot. The machine features a light that alerts the player to an upcoming shot, and the participant can enjoy a match play program at one of eight skill levels.  
  3. The SAM Robot Tennis Ball Machine holds up to 200 tennis balls and can be used for any skill level. This machine is portable with wheels, although it is heavy in nature. All elevation controls, up to nine feet, five inches, are electronic on the tennis ball gun, and it features an electronic height control that goes from the groundstroke to the lob.
  4. No special outlet is needed; this tennis ball machine can be plugged into a standard outlet. The SAM Robot Tennis Ball Machine, made in the USA, can be purchased for around $28,500 (May 2010). And typically, this price includes shipping.
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