Best Gamecube Games

The best GameCube games are a diverse mix of several different genres. Nintendo released all sorts of games for the GameCube, from action packed role-playing titles to cutesy all-ages fare. The best of these releases transcended the console’s lifespan, and are still an entertaining play today.

  1. “Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes” Stealth action and espionage run rampant in this 2004 GameCube game. Players once again take control of Solid Snake, a hero in the “Metal Gear” franchise, in a battle against a splinter faction trying to raise an army. With its enveloping plotline and military-themed action, this game is a pure classic.
  2. “Donkey Kong Jungle Beat” A fresh and original title among the best GameCube games, this 2003 release is a rare breed. The game is available with a bongo drum controller, which players use to guide Donkey Kong’s actions. Success is determined not only by level progression, but rhythmic ability as well.
  3. “Viewtiful Joe” A breakthrough in game-play art, this 2003 GameCube game was hailed by critics after its release. It’s a traditional two-dimensional side-scroller, but elements of 3D are mixed in as well. The game’s creative plot follows Joe through an interwoven landscape of fantasy and reality as he attempts to rescue his captured girlfriend.
  4. “Resident Evil” This remake of the classic 1996 survival horror game showed up on the GameCube in 2002. It featured the same zombie-slaying plot as the original, but with enhanced graphics, game modes and story elements. The enriched environments make game-play even more intense, as players explore a mysterious laboratory and mansion.
  5. “Beyond Good and Evil” Perhaps the most overlooked of the best GameCube games, this 2003 title wasn’t a hot seller. Those who did buy it were rewarded with a rich game-play experience. The game’s story follows a reporter named Jade as she unravels an alien conspiracy, solving puzzles and navigating expansive environments along the way.
  6. “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” A PC staple since 1989, this groundbreaking game made a reboot appearance on the GameCube in 2003. The game-play centers around acrobatic movement, with plenty of breathtaking moves in the hero prince’s arsenal. The plot is full of danger, centered around the prince’s efforts to recover a time-altering dagger.
  7. “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” The tenth installment in the iconic “Zelda” series, this GameCube title is a masterpiece in artistic showmanship. The plot is a familiar one for the franchise: Link conquers dungeons as he gains power for the ultimate battle against his nemesis. The expansive environments and tricky puzzles are what makes this game great.
  8. “Super Smash Bros. Melee” A sequel to the popular “Super Smash Bros.” fighting title from the Nintendo 64, this GameCube game hit shelves in 2001. This installment improved on the battle environments of the original, with sharper graphics and a more extensive selection of characters.
  9. “Metroid Prime” With game-play hinged on exploration and combat, this 2002 first-person shooter was a landmark moment in the “Metroid” series. Players take control of Samus, a female bounty hunter battling enemies on an alien planet. The first-person perspective may take hardcore fans some getting used to, but the realism is worth it.
  10. “Resident Evil 4” Far and away the best game of the “Resident Evil” franchise, this installment hit the GameCube in 2005. The story follows protagonist Leon as he investigates a mysterious European city during his search for the president’s missing daughter. The scares are plenty in this one, with zombies and monsters at every turn.

– Andrew Jett

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