Best Genesis Games

The best Genesis games have become iconic chapters in gaming history. When it was launched in America in 1989, the Sega Genesis console gained instant praise with its groundbreaking 16-bit graphics. The system’s best games were nothing short of revolutionary, bringing arcade-style action to the home.

  1. “Strider” Originally gaining a cult following as an arcade side-scroller, this game gained a new audience with its 1990 release on the Genesis. Its fast action and colorful graphics made it an instant hit with home gamers. The plot involves guiding the protagonist Hiryu through a series of futuristic environments, collecting power-ups and slashing enemies with an enormous sword.
  2. “Comix Zone” The best Genesis games aren’t short on creativity, and this 1995 release is no exception. Taking place entirely inside a comic book, players guide the protagonist from panel to panel, shredding paper for power-ups and secrets. The unique settings and comic-style plot made for an engaging and underrated Genesis game.
  3. “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” You can’t go wrong with zombies. That’s why this 1993 Genesis game is so awesome. The game’s story involves a zombie infestation in a residential neighborhood. Players must save their friends and neighbors from being attacked by the undead. The game’s tongue-in-cheek viewpoint keeps it comical instead of scary.
  4. “Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium” A sweeping epic in every sense, this 1995 release is easily one of the best Genesis games. It’s an in-depth role-playing game, packed with dungeons, magic spells and powerful enemies. With a diverse line-up of playable heroes and plenty of areas to explore, this Genesis game will eat away hours of your free time.
  5. “Flashback: The Quest For Identity” In the spirit of the massively popular “Prince Of Persia” series, this 1993 Genesis game featured a protagonist set against artistic and complex backdrops. Players navigate screen by screen, exploring and solving puzzles while guiding the hero on a quest to recover his lost memory. The game is set in the year 2142, and there’s plenty of futuristic scenery to chew while you play.
  6. “Golden Axe” Another popular arcade title to make its way to the Sega Genesis, this game hit American shelves in 1989. It’s a standard hack-and-slash game, with players choosing one of three classes of medieval hero to use during battle. This game’s biggest positive is the entertaining game-play. Magic, dragons and hand-held weaponry are all at your disposal.
  7. “Super Monaco GP” Racing games would never be the same after the release of this 1989 Genesis game. It’s a Formula One simulator, complete with a World Championship circuit that challenges players to upgrade cars in a quest to conquer the field of opponents. There are many different teams and cars in the game, providing hours of realistic racing fun.
  8. “Altered Beast” As one of the best side-scrolling titles ever, this 1989 Genesis game set the gold standard for the genre. Players take control of a muscle-bound hero in the world of Greek mythology. The plot revolves around rescuing Zeus’ daughter by destroying hordes of undead enemies. By collecting power-ups, the hero can change his form, unlocking new powers and abilities.
  9. “Sonic The Hedgehog” As the quintessential Sega character, Sonic can be found nearly anywhere. In 1991, this inaugural title in the franchise was released, showcasing Sonic’s breakneck speed and fun factor. With its colorful backgrounds and engaging boss battles, this Genesis game is still entertaining today.
  10. “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker” With background music from its famous hero, this 1990 Genesis game is a must-have for all Michael Jackson fans. Players take control of Jackson himself, rescuing kidnapped children and defeating enemies with his signature dance moves.
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